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processed glass can describe as “heat-treated glass” since it is heated to a temperature closer to its softening point, and forced to cool rapidly under carefully controlled conditions. Its ability to endure wind pressure, high temperature and other applied forces make it highly recommended for use in architectural purposes.
Tempered Glass
shatters into small fragments on breakage, tempered or toughened glass is 5 times stronger than annealed glass.
Bevel Edged Glass
A bevel edged glass is found on both glass tops and mirrors hanging on the wall with or without frames, it enhances beauty of the glass.
Polish Edged Glass
A clean and smooth polished edge glass is common in table tops, display cases and frameless bathroom vanities.
Decorative Glass
A glass beyond functionality. The decorative glass might be frosted, colored, or textured glass, engineered for your home needs.


Big and bulky wood furniture is the talk of the past. Now, glass furniture is trending everywhere. It creates a sense of spaciousness in the surroundings and makes the place airy. Considered ideal for tabletops, coffee tables, desks, kitchen cabinets, and more, at Hebatullah we produce glass that is scratch-resistant and highly durable
Hebatullah produces high-quality glass podiums in terms of strength and durability, using the toughened processed glass
Coffee Tbale
A bevel edged glass is found on both glass tops and mirrors hanging on the wall with or without frames, it enhances beauty of the glass.
Corner shelf
Transform your corners into creative displays with our clean, float glass shelves for use in the bathroom, showers, kitchens, and living rooms
Show case
When you have stock that is too valuable or fragile to be simply placed on a shelf, choose from our selection of glass display showcases


The glass for an automobile is quite different when compared with architectural glass. At Hebatullah, we provide you with glass that blocks heat transmission and UV rays, ensures comfort inside the vehicle as you drive, and allows better air conditioning performance. We produce automotive glass with cutting-edge technology and innovation.
Door glass
Tempered glass is used for side windows/door glass of a vehicle as it is strong enough to resist immense impact and not break easily
Side mirrors
Made from first-surface chrome glass, the mirrors of an automotive are one-way mirrors designed to absorb headlight glare from behind your vehicle
Front and Rear windshield
A car’s windshield is shatterproof as it is manufactured using laminated glass, that remains intact even when it’s broken

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